“Same Hens, Same great eggs” – Just housed for their protection and welfare

Havensfield eggs started in 2003. Our primary focus has always been on the bird’s welfare and well-being and being proud to produce Free-Range eggs in that knowledge.

This year’s outbreak of bird flu has been the worse ever recorded and we have seen over 60% of all the outbreaks in England occur in East Anglia! The virus has left many farmers fearful of continuing in producing Free-Range eggs, as the risk of their flock catching the virus increases 50% when the birds are outdoors mixing with the wild bird populations (DEFRA).

It is for this reason Havensfield and its farmers are not letting their birds out until such a point that sufficient time has passed without new outbreaks, or a vaccine is available to protect our birds.

I believe our birds are happy and content being safe and secure in their houses whilst this virus continues to pose a threat to their lives. It’s our responsibility to keep them this way!

Thank you for your support and understanding and as soon as it’s proved to be safe to let the girls out again, we will.

Alaistaire Brice