About Us

We started Havensfield Happy Hens in 2003 with just 300 hens on a field in Eye, Suffolk. The field was called Havensfield and that’s when our brand was born!

Since then we have increased our own production of fresh barn eggs, and started working with a number of other farmers in Suffolk and Norfolk who produce eggs to our Havensfield standards on their family farms. Today we have 20,000 birds of our own and over 100,000 birds on contract to us.

We’re committed to producing quality fresh barn eggs at an affordable price.

Our business has grown on the basis of quality eggs at realistic prices, and we have a full range of outlets including farm shops, high street retailers, pubs, hotels and other catering establishments along with wholesalers that sell our eggs further afield. All our customers know we deliver what we promise and that is how the business has evolved, made possible because we control most of the variables.

By keeping things local we can pass our savings to you. The quality comes from the way we look after our flocks – they’re fully traceable, free range and carefully tended. If there’s one thing we’ve been certain of since we started in 2003, it’s that delicious eggs come from Havensfield happy hens.

Keep your eggs local

We have over 25 flocks across the East of England, guaranteeing continuity of supply all year round. Having farms throughout the region enables us to supply truly local eggs.


We grade and pack seven days a week – great for freshness and great for quality. Our vans deliver on a regular weekly basis.

Fresh barn eggs from local flocks